The Klüh name returns to the DEG family

The Klüh name returns to the DEG family

The restructuring of the Düsseldorf EC is progressing. The donating shareholders Mikhail Ponomarev and Peter Hoberg have developed a clear concept that is now being implemented step by step. The key points are the acquisition of a further investor in the circle of shareholders and the establishment of an advisory board.

This comes with a bang: Klüh returns to DEG. Roger Klüh, the former player and son of former DEG president Josef Klüh, will join the advisory board. Ponomarev and Hoberg have nominated Klüh junior on the part of the shareholders for the advisory board, which is to include five members. Three are to be appointed by the shareholders, two by the association.

The reasons for Klüh's appointment are complex. On the one hand, the shareholders want this gesture to be understood as a sign of thanks and recognition for all that his father Josef has done for DEG. During his 14-year presidency, the Red-Yellow team was German champion five times. On the other hand, they want to involve former player Roger Klüh in the work and let him participate in the comeback of the traditional club. The 48-year-old wore the DEG jersey from 1980 to 1987.

The restructuring of the shareholders' meeting is also being driven forward. The club, which still holds 50.4 percent of the shares in the GmbH, will divest itself of shares and thus hand over the majority and responsibility to the financing shareholders. As the Rheinische Post has learned from the circle of shareholders, a new investor is to be found. Three financing shareholders and the club are to hold the shares. The minimum share of the association in the GmbH of 25.1 percent of the shares prescribed by the articles of association will be respected. The new board of directors elected by the extraordinary general meeting has already declared its support for these goals.

A thorn in the side of the shareholders is the current marketing of DEG. They see considerable potential here that has not been nearly exploited. Hopes are pinned on the future managing director Joachim Rotthaus, who will take up his post at Brehmstrasse on May 1. He said that DEG should definitely advertise for a sponsor on its jersey in the coming season. The red-yellow team is one of the few first-division ice hockey teams in the world that played without a logo last season. However, the blank jersey, which pleased some fans, is seen as a revelation by marketing experts.

Source: RP Online

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