Düsseldorf man wants to break world record: Millionaire Roger Klüh wants to go to Havana by speedboat

Düsseldorf man wants to break world record: Millionaire Roger Klüh wants to go to Havana by speedboat

The boat he uses for this seems to be up to the challenge: "Apache Star" has only been used in races a few times, but has usually won with its 3,000 hp. It took some time to get it to look the way Klüh, a former DEG player, wanted it to. Above all, the color was set. Klüh had discovered precisely this red on a vintage car at the former Meilenwerk in Wersten. During research, he then discovered that this color didn't exist because it was a film that was stuck to the car.

So, together with a company in France, he developed precisely this red - and painted the rims of his own Porsche with it, for example. After that, many other interested people called Porsche and also wanted to have these red rims. But they weren't available, or rather Klüh had a monopoly on the production of the color.

Neon-Orangenes Powerboat Apache Star im Wasser

"Apache Star" was thus cancelled, making it unique in the world. Just as unique as the record that Roger Klüh, son of the entrepreneur Josef Klüh, wants to set with it.

The catch: the USA has not given him permission for his launch. He could theoretically set off from Miami without permission to start, but then he wouldn't know whether the record would be valid for the Guinness Book. Cuba, in any case, is on fire and has given him permission to land in Havana. When the race will take place is therefore still unclear today. In the meantime, the 48-year-old Klüh has already had a doctor check whether his fitness is at all sufficient for this tour.

Another Düsseldorf resident was also involved in the preparations: the young filmmaker Tim Neiser recorded Klüh's preparations, including boat renovation, fitness test and test drive in Florida.

Source: RP Online

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