Obama writes to Roger Klüh! Speedboat record even keeps US president busy

Obama writes to Roger Klüh! Speedboat record even keeps US president busy

The "story" Obama talks about in his mail is Klüh's dream of a world record crossing with his legendary world championship speedboat "Apache Star" (2750 hp, 220 km/h top speed) from Miami/USA to Cuba.

The Düsseldorf native has been planning the high-speed trip across the Atlantic for three and a half years - but has now gained new hope that it might finally work out.

Obama writes Klüh regarding his World Record with Apache Star

Klüh: "Last year I got a rejection, but then there was also still an ice age between America and Cuba. Since Obama's historic meeting with Cuba's leader Raúl Castro last Saturday, I think I have a better chance."

Three binders are now filled with applications for U.S.-Cuban permission to cross, and a new application has now been added - is currently at the White House in Washington for approval. Klüh is sponsored by the International Hemingway Yacht Club in Havana. The sports event is planned for August 1.

And why is Klüh doing all this?

"For me, the record-breaking trip from Miami to Havana is not only a sporting challenge, but also a gesture that brings people together, which fits in well with the new openness between the U.S. and Cuba right now."

Source: Bild

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