Apache Star - the speedboat icon becomes a fashion brand

Apache Star - the speedboat icon becomes a fashion brand

At, selected pieces and exquisitely designed items will then be on display, celebrating the legendary world record and the success story of Roger Klüh as an outfit.

Roger Klüh, who holds the brand rights to the new fashion start-up, told "Shots" today: "Anyone can achieve their goal if they have a strong will, work hard at it and don't let themselves be distracted from their individual goal."

 Apache Star im Kapitänsanzug

The first collection is to bring sporty accentuated styles and a Cuba edition for ladies and gentlemen. The high-quality fabrics are discreetly embroidered with the striking logo, the Indian head of "Apache Star".

Interested parties need to know that the speedboat that gives it its name has only been in the water for a really long time three times in 30 years: it became world champion twice and achieved the world record once.

First Pieces of the Sustainable Collection Apache Raw

So the hype for its own fashion line is easy to understand, because the name "Apache Star" enjoys legendary status among speedboat enthusiasts. And at the launch, things are also set to get really bangin'.

Invited guests from the film, sports and music industries will meet in Miami to celebrate the new fashion label.


Source: Shots Magazine

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