Coup with couture: Roger Klüh and his Jessica now make fashion

Coup with couture: Roger Klüh and his Jessica now make fashion

Named after Klüh's world-record speedboat, in which he raced from Key West (Miami, USA) to Cuba in just 90 minutes in 2015. Klüh saw the action as a sign of peace between the two countries, which were enemies at the time.

With his fashion, the lovers from Düsseldorf want to revisit precisely this theme: "The fashion symbolizes freedom and fighting spirit. Especially in terms of human rights and international understanding," says the entrepreneur to BILD. It reflects the uniqueness of the history of his racing boat. The fashion is correspondingly sustainable, sporty and casual.

T-shirts, jackets, hoodies and accessories: The fashion is sporty and is intended to symbolize freedom and fighting spirit.

However, his fiancée Jessica was in charge of the design and idea: "Even during my studies in London, I had the urge to realize myself." She financed the project entirely herself, she said. "I want to break away from society's idea of being a young dolly and having a sugar daddy. I'm far from 'Modetussi'," says the 27-year-old, who met and fell in love with her Roger five years ago on Fuerteventura.

Not quite cheap: shirts cost around 70 euros, hoodies around 150 and jackets between 200 and 400 euros

In love for five years and now business partners: Roger Klüh (57), son of entrepreneur Josef Klüh (80), with his fiancée Jessica Frühbrodt (27). On Thursday, their fashion label "Apache Star" will be launched. The couple has been engaged for three years, most recently spent a year traveling through Europe in a caravan, and is now really stepping on the gas with their first joint project.


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