Record drive: Roger Klüh wants to jet off to Cuba by motorboat

Record drive: Roger Klüh wants to jet off to Cuba by motorboat

Entrepreneur and ex-DEG professional Roger Klüh has announced a date for his record-breaking motorboat trip to Cuba: On August 1, he wants to fulfill his long pursued dream and drive the legendary 2750 hp sports boat "Apache Star" the approximately 160 kilometers through the open sea from Key West in the US state of Florida to Havana. With speeds of up to 220 kilometers per hour, the son of building cleaning entrepreneur Josef Klüh wants to set a world record on the trip.

So far, the project has failed due to political tensions between the U.S. and Cuba. Apparently as a result of the rapprochement in recent months, Klüh and his team now received permission from Cuba, and the authorities also allowed a subsequent sports festival. Permission from the U.S. is pending, but Klüh is confident that the green light will be given from there as well. "The record drive is not only a sporting challenge, but also a gesture that unites people and inspires people in Cuba, the U.S. and around the world," says Klüh.

The Düsseldorf native bought the motorboat, which had won several world championships, three years ago and had it restored. Since then, he has been dreaming of a fast ride through American waters.

Source: RP Online

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