Crime scene Kö: Thieves in luxury penthouse

Crime scene Kö: Thieves in luxury penthouse

Possibly Hitchcock's film "Over the Roofs of Nice" was the template, in which master thief John Robie always enters from above: Apparently, previously unknown burglars have also broken into a luxury penthouse at night, which was completed and occupied only a few months ago.

The police may not officially confirm this, but it is considered certain that the apartment in question is that of Roger Klüh. The 44-year-old son of Josef Klüh has only been living in these rooms since the turn of the year. Before that, he had long enjoyed the comforts of the Breidenbacher Hof, where he always lodged when he was in Düsseldorf. His main residence is St. Tropez in the south of France.

Police fear imitators

The apartment that attracted the burglars is not far from the five-star-plus hotel, so the services of the hotel can also be used there. Rents of between 6,000 and 12,000 euros for such apartments are not uncommon.

Not least the short way to the bar of the Breidenbacher Hof is appreciated by the solvent tenants: Only a few days ago, the bar received a first prize for style and ambience, legendary the adjacent cigar lounge, whose floor is made of thick leather and where celebrity sons like Klüh or also Franjo Pooth like to suck on the Havanna from time to time.

The police originally did not want to announce the burglary because they feared imitators. Therefore, there are also no clues about the actions of the perpetrators or the nature of the loot. "We will not comment on this in any case," a police spokesman said Thursday.

Because one did not want to endanger such exposed objects further. According to RP information, however, the perpetrators could not have stolen many things. Extremely heavy furniture stands in Klüh's rooms, many cabinets are artistically worked into the walls. "The most anyone could have taken there is a technical device," says an expert.

However, private residential addresses on the Kö are rare anyway. Only two representatives of Düsseldorf family businesses are known to live there (or in the immediate vicinity) - but discreetly conceal this.

Harald Robiné is a luxury broker: "Buying apartments is hardly possible. There are almost no apartments on the Kö or in the surrounding area." Some in private hands are rented out at most. You already have to pay 40 euros per square meter, says Robiné, with plenty of room to move up.

But the price plays a subordinate role, he says. "Anyone who finds an apartment at all doesn't care about 1,000 euros more or less." Nevertheless, the trend among the wealthy is toward a second, third or fourth apartment. Just as some people in New York treat themselves to a penthouse on the 40th floor, many are also looking for a place to stay near the Kö when they visit the Rhine, says Robiné.

However, the Breidenbacher Hof investors' attempt to profit from the address's attractiveness and offer new luxury apartments has not succeeded. Eight apartments were designed above the hotel and offered for square meter prices around 14,000 euros. The largest apartment is said to be over 200 square meters in size.

Only three of these apartments have been sold so far, the rest are empty. "Marketing these is extremely difficult," an insider told RP. In the industry, it is therefore considered possible that the hotel itself will offer the apartments in the future and rent them out furnished according to the boarding house principle: Customers move in, live in their own apartments, but have access to the hotel's full range of services.

Source: RP Online

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