Yacht show in Düsseldorf: Roger Klüh navigates through the media harbor

Yacht show in Düsseldorf: Roger Klüh navigates through the media harbor

160 kilometers per hour - no one is allowed to drive that fast in a built-up area. But Roger Klüh did it, with impunity. That's because the speedboat world record holder sped past Düsseldorf's Rhine front on Europe's busiest waterway. "I can only go fast," Klüh says. What gave Klüh so much "fire under his butt" was a 1740-horsepower legendary "39' Cigarette Top Gun" speedboat. Recently, such a 12-meter bullet has been moored in the marina in the Medienhafen. "We decided to present a demonstration boat in Düsseldorf," explains Alfred Zurhausen of Marine-Partner-Network, the sole importer of the American speedboat legends.

Since 2007, Zurhausen has also exhibited the not quite inexpensive "toys" for the well-heeled at "boot". Amazingly, you can take them out on the Rhine with impunity. "Most of the time, there are no speed limits on the Rhine. Only noise regulations. Up to 70 kilometers per hour, the boat may only be 78 decibels loud. With the new exhaust system, we manage this noise limitation over the entire speed range," Zurhausen says.

Source: RP Online

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