Exhibition Boot in Düsseldorf: Blue Motion Night - Celebrities celebrate between luxury yachts

Exhibition Boot in Düsseldorf: Blue Motion Night - Celebrities celebrate between luxury yachts

Luxurious yachts and exuberant parties belong together like the Boot and Düsseldorf. And that's why the famous water sports and boat show traditionally celebrates Blue Motion Night on Monday evening, when numerous celebrities celebrate in the ambience of the world's most expensive watercraft at the invitation of trade show CEO Werner Dornscheidt and Boot CEO Petros Michelidakis.

Messe Boot Düsseldorf Menschenmenge

Two years ago, however, the party was supplemented by another program item: the presentation of the Ocean Tribute Award. The award, worth 20,000 euros, promotes innovative and sustainable ideas and products for the protection of the oceans and waters.

The award is sponsored by the boat itself, the German Ocean Foundation and the Monegasque Prince Albert II Foundation, which is why the prince who gave the award its name had presented it himself last year as a star guest.

This year, Boris Herrmann took over this task. He became known to a wide audience last fall when he took climate activist Greta Thunberg from England to the United States on the yacht "Malizia II." Herrmann did not come by water this time, however, but had already announced beforehand that he intended to travel to the event in an environmentally friendly way by train.

In addition to Herrmann, the guest list included NRW Finance Minister Lutz Lienenkämper (CDU), bread millionaire Heiner Kamps, U.S. Consul General Fiona Evans, District President Birgitta Radermacher (CDU), Chamber of Crafts President Andreas Ehlert, Düsseldorf architect Christoph Ingenhoven, opera director Christoph Meyer, actress Nina Ensmann, designer Thomas Rath, TV presenter Jean Pütz and Unicef ambassador Heribert Klein.

Of course, the Düsseldorf speedboat champion Roger Klüh and Mona Küppers, President of the German Sailing Association, were not to be missed.

Source: RP Online

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