Roger Klüh celebrated after speedboat record in Havana

Roger Klüh celebrated after speedboat record in Havana

On Saturday, he covered the distance in his speedboat "Apache Star" (2,750 hp) in one and a half hours, although he had to pause for a quarter of an hour on the way due to technical difficulties.

The press celebrated the record not only as a sporting achievement but also as a contribution to international understanding, one of Roger Klüh's declared goals. His father Josef Klüh (Klüh Service Management), wife Ahlem and Roger's girlfriend Coco celebrated the record-setter at the Hemingway Yacht Club.

Reports among others in BILD, Express, WELT (Video), boot, Stern,, Cuba, Cuba en Miami, Nachrichtenagentur afp, Diario Las Americas

Source: Düsseldorf Blog

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