Trade show Boot: Blue Motion Night - the maritime Kö

Trade show Boot: Blue Motion Night - the maritime Kö

In Hall 6, traditionally reserved for the very fat millionaire yachts, visitors were able to get an idea of life on a luxury ship. Bremen-based boatbuilder Drettmann opened the hatches of the "Explorer" - a 24-meter-long and 175-ton luxury yacht, the heaviest vessel at boot 2016. "This yacht ushers in a new era for us and will cause a stir in the market," says Managing Director Claudia Drettmann. Highlights include, for example, a beach club with a bar and sunbathing area directly on the water, as well as a sauna where passengers can retreat in bad weather. The diesel-electric propulsion system is also new. "You can even cross the Atlantic with this ship, fully seaworthy, even if it might rock a bit," said show boss Werner Dornscheidt. Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea after all.

Messe Boot Düsseldorf

For Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel, it was the last Blue Motion Night as head of the world's largest water sports trade show. His successor, Petros Michelidakis, is waiting in the wings and is already settling in. With the president of the boat, Robert Marx, and the managing director of the federal association water sports economy, Jürgen Tracht, he exchanged himself in the evening lively about the future of "his" boot.

Among the celebrities on the guest list of the fair organizers this year were car specialist and TV presenter Panagiota Petridou, RTL presenters for boxing and Formula 1 Florian König and Kai Ebel, Bond star Götz Otto ("The morning never dies"), former top athlete Jürgen Hingsen (decathlon) and Alessandra "Sandy" Meyer-Wölden(model and ex-wife of Oliver Pocher), captain Matthias Bosse of the mega polar yacht "Sea Hawk" and ex-racing driver Jochen Mass.

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Roger Klüh, son of Düsseldorf service entrepreneur Josef Klüh, enjoyed his home game and reported on his greatest adventure in 2015. Last summer, the ex-DEG professional raced his speedboat from Key West in Florida to Cuba in one hour and 45 minutes. This distance had last been achieved by an American before him. Forrest Johnson set the record in 1958, taking six hours and 23 minutes - which was considered the best time for a long time, because the more than tense relations between the USA and Cuba meant that no new races could be held on the 177-kilometer route.

Jewelers and other merchants of the Kö presented themselves between the yachts. As in the previous year, the catering came from Stockheim.

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