Ready for the movies: Hollywood wants Klüh's racing boat

Ready for the movies: Hollywood wants Klüh's racing boat

After the speedboat "Apache Star" of world record driver Roger Klüh is now safely parked in Miami, the vehicle now also gets Hollywood glamour. DJane and producer Miss Tara has just started producing the theme song for the upcoming John Travolta movie "Speed Kills". Her music video for her song is being shot with and on the "Apache Star."

The film agency had contacted his boatyard in Miami, according to the ex-professional ice hockey player and son of millionaire service provider Josef Klüh. The boat will also play a starring role in the promotional trailer for the film, which will be presented at the Cannes Film Festival starting May 8, according to Klüh. The subject matter of the film is a perfect fit for Roger Klüh: It's about a champion racing boat driver and multimillionaire.

Source: RP Online

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