Painting session with Roger Klüh, Nadja Zikes and the Friedensdorf children

Roger Klüh und Nadja Zikes im Friedensdorf

In keeping with the season, they also painted with real fir branches together with six Friedensdorf children on 8.12.2018. To make things a little more exciting, "Roger Klüh" unceremoniously offered his own face to beautify and create. With great joy, the six boys from different Asian countries became makeup artists and gave the top athlete a real, Indian face painting. It couldn't have been described more aptly, because the border-breaker's custom-made, bright orange speedboat was christened "Apache Star" at the time.

At the end of the painting session, an Afghan boy presented a small, self-made paper boat as a symbolic gift for the top athlete and his commitment.

Roger Klüh wird von Kindern im Gesicht bemalt

Background: Roger Klüh achieved the almost impossible with that very world champion boat. In 90 minutes, in harsh weather conditions, he crossed the waters between Florida (USA) and Cuba in 2015; result: world record.

Not only an exceptional sporting achievement, but also a political bridge connecting nations was created by sailing this disputed waterway. The journey had it in itself: There were many middle to heavy wounds with the 4-member crew of the "Apache Star" however they were not stopped by it. Perhaps this is why "Roger Klüh" was able to empathize so well with the problems and injuries of the Peace Village children.

Source: Friedensdorf International

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