35 years after last professional game: Roger Klüh hot on ice again

35 years after last professional game: Roger Klüh hot on ice again

And the 57-year-old is already training for this together with the players of the local club. How's it going? "The guys are between 20 and 30 years old, fully in the juice. I actually just try to be in the right place at the right time," he tells BILD and laughs.

Aus seinen Profi-Zeiten: Roger Klühs Autogrammkarte von 1986/87. Damals spielte er als Verteidiger bei der DEG

From his professional days: Roger Klüh's autograph card from 1986/87, when he played as a defender for the DEG.


Was it hard to get back into it? "I've been playing field hockey since I was seven, always felt like I was in sneakers when I was in skates. But now I have to get used to it again."

However, Klüh (1.83 meters tall, 85 kilos) is physically fit thanks to his regular endurance and strength training.

Klüh beim Training in Kitzbühel: „Ich versuche, mich nicht zu verletzen, trage extra spezielle Knie-Schützer.“

Klüh during training in Kitzbühel: "I try not to hurt myself, wear extra special knee pads."


The ex-DEG player, who lives with his love Jessica (27) over the winter in the Kitzbühl "Country Club", had to end his career in 1987 after a knee injury. Klüh: "Back then I played with Andreas Niederberger. He's coming to the tournament in March."

Der Düsseldorfer Unternehmer mit seiner Lebensgefährtin Jessica Frühbrodt (27)

The Düsseldorf entrepreneur with his partner Jessica Frühbrodt (27)

Record-breaking national player Niederberger (59) is now vice president of the German Ice Hockey Federation. Now he wants to cheer on his ex-teammate Klüh properly.

Source: by Anja Tischendorf and Gerhard Altenhofen, 25.01.2023


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