Ex-DEG-Profi Roger Klüh plant Speedboot-Rekord

Ex-DEG professional Roger Klüh plans speedboat record

The Düsseldorf entrepreneur and former DEG ice hockey professional Roger Klüh has planned the record-breaking crossing of his legendary 2,750 HP speedboat Apache Star from Miami to Havana for August 1st.

This was announced by Klüh and his team today, now that the crossing and the subsequent sports festival in Havana have now been officially confirmed by the Cuban side.

This is made possible by the "thaw" in political relations between the USA and Cuba. Klüh had already planned the crossing in 2014. However, the political tensions between the USA and Cuba thwarted his plans.

Due to the current and historical rapprochement between the USA and Cuba, the framework conditions for the project have now suddenly changed.

With the support of a renowned law firm and experts in the field of Cuban law, Klüh has filed a new application for permission to cross the US and is more than confident that it will get the green light.

"The record run from Miami to Havana is not only a sporting challenge, but is also a gesture that brings people together, inspiring people in Cuba, the USA and around the world," says Klüh.

"The Apache Star project is an extraordinary, sporty and at the same time adventurous event," says Boot Online publisher Andreas Böck, who supports Klüh in his project.

Roger Klüh has set himself the goal of setting a world record with his legendary and refurbished speedboat "Apache Star" by starting with the boat from Key West and reaching top speeds of up to 220 km/h in Cuba.

Source: Düsseldorfer Anzeiger

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