Roger Klüh und sein ganz besonderer Speedboot-Weltrekord

Roger Klüh and his very special speedboat world record

For the fifth year after his "Powerboat USA - Cuba World Record", Roger Klüh was a much sought-after discussion partner at the "Blue Motion Night" of the "Boot 2020" trade fair “ in Dusseldorf.

His speedboat story with the "Apache Star" is too unusual and exciting that you would like to hear it more than once. And it goes like this:

In 2015, the Düsseldorfer raced with his vehicle in 90 minutes from Key West (Florida, USA) to Havana (Cuba). His boat, the "Apache Star", was 2,700 hp and designed for speeds of over 200 km/h.

Roger Klüh

Before this world record, the icon, as Klüh calls the boat, was only in the water twice. Then she won the world championship. And then came Cuba.

Which would not have been possible without the then US President Barack Obama. In 2015, the most powerful politician in the world personally approved the second application for the exceptional voyage of the speedy sailor from Düsseldorf.

The difficult political situation between USA and Cuba is well known. Nothing and nobody stopped Roger Klüh.

Not even due to damage to one of the two drives caused by flotsam during the world record run - and certainly not due to the navigation failuredue to the Russian satellite jammers just before Cuba.

Roger Klüh mit Zigarre in der Hand

As an ex-manager in the family company and former ice hockey professional of the Düsseldorfer EG, Roger Klüh has already leased the will to win and it is in his DNA. He acquired the competence and feeling for one of the most dangerous motor sports in the world over decades.

"I then explicitly dedicated the world record to the people's friendship between the USA and Cuba," says the Cuban folk hero today.

Roger Klüh bei der Düsseldorfer Messe Boot

President Raúl Castro gave him a special thank you when he was awarded the highest civil order. Roger Klüh was also later invited as a state guest to the official ceremonies for the funeral of Fidel Castro.

The "Apache Star" is resting in warm Miami - after extensive repairs to the severe injuries of the hell ride. The world champion and his boat buddy Udo Stern have international requests for new world records.

Roger Klüh nach seiner Weltrekordsfahrt von den USA nach Kuba

It's about top speed, on the water of course, with an environmentally friendly and super powerful electric power boat, among other things. And it is very unlikely that this special will to win of the speedboat champion will not come through again soon...

Neon orangenes Powerboat Apache Star im Hafen von Havanna umringt von Menschenmassen

Source: Shots Media

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