Lokalbüro traf Roger Klüh im Blumenladen in Derendorf

Local office met Roger Klüh in the flower shop in Derendorf

Local office met Roger Klüh in a flower shop in Derendorf. As always, he liked to have time for a little gossip on the street.

He was traveling on his motorcycle, which was registered in London. But why London? Roger said he has been in London a lot lately as his youngest son is studying there and is currently doing his Masters. But he also used the time in England to travel around Scotland as a Highlander.

Roger Klüh im Schottenrock und schwarzen Mantel

His older son, who is a qualified chef by birth, recently opened a restaurant in Paris.

In the summer his book “Apache Star: The Art of Speed” came out in paperback. He is very satisfied with the sales figures. In the book he talks about the element of water and about speed, fascinated. This mix makes him an avid speedboat racer. In 2012, he acquires the legendary World Champion powerboat, the Apache Heritage, and begins reviving the legend.

Buch Apache Star - The Art of Speed von Roger Klüh

He's only in Düsseldorf because he's taking part in a meeting of the Klüh group of companies at the weekend, after which he'll be in Bavaria.

Source: local office

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